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5 Revenue Models of Agriya's Marketplace Quotes

Agriya identified the emerging trend in the service sector. This made us to create ready-made script popularly known as Thumbtack clone script. You can make use of our script to establish a service marketplace website for connecting the service providers and the users easily.

Working mechanism

Direct approach

User can search for the service providers for doing their work based on their previous performance, feedbacks and pay rates. They can request directly to them. This approach is known as direct lead.

Indirect approach

Users can request to the website for searching the service provider. They need to fill a request form. This script will automatically generate the list of service provider which matches the entire requirement given by the users. This approach is known as indirect lead.

Revenue options

This script helps you to generate money easily from your users for different purpose by using various revenue options. 
  • Site commission - Admin can set different or same commission fee for both direct and indirect leads. 
  • Category based commission - You can collect the commission for the service offered by the service provider based on their category.
  • Subscription based commission - You can set various subscription fee choices like weekly, monthly or yearly basis for opting their services on the website.
  • Advertisement captcha - Every user needs to type the words displayed by the solve media captcha whenever they register on the website. You can earn money out of it.
  • Ad banners - You can allow the third-party organization to display their advertisement on your website. You can collect certain amount of money for displaying it.
Vital words

Likewise, there are many value added features in the Agriya’s Marketplace quote. Contact Agriya to know more about the entire details about our product.

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